Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sneaking Away from Pride

"Let's sneak away for some quick fun", my love and husband Tomais suggested with a lot of innuendo in his velvety voice, just as Kahvy was starting the Zeus Club party at Second Pride yesterday.
Well, of course I said yes.

Turns out he wasn't thinking of some hanky panky, but only wanted to use me as free labor on his new riverboat from Bandit. (As if he needs a-n-o-t-h-e-r boat! His Inventory is already full of them.)

So as soon as I got on the boat, the love of my life slips me a HUD and tells me to use it. As soon as I activate the HUD, I am whisked down into the boiler room and forced to stoke the fires and shovel coal.

When I ask why I am doing this, and not him, he tells me in an affronted tone of voice, that he already has "...his hands full steering the boat, navigating, checking for cargo and loading it. If there is no one shoveling coal and stoking the fires the boat will stop", so that is what I have to do...

Furthermore, he then invites JJ and Wayne to join us on the riverboat, and the two get to lounge about on the boat, while I keep working my ass of with my sweat running down my brows, my belly, my back and my ass-crack.

When I ask why they don't get to join the fun in the boiler room, I am informed in a haughty voice that they are family and friends and "We cannot abuse them by putting them to work!" The other two giggle about that and go on to try out all the non-work related poses on the riverboat.

Well, I learned my lesson and it will take more than a voice full of innuendo and promises to make me leave Pride for the rest of the week.

Second Pride Festival Pictures?

Do you want to see pictures from the ongoing Second Pride Festival and possibly share your own? Here are some tips of where you can find them and post your own.
Photo by J.J. Goodman of a probably angelic, certainly
innocent and possibly virtuous party goer of unknown identity
  1. There is a group on Flickr named Second Pride - Celebrate Diversity where you can see other peoples pictures from the ongoing festival and share your own photos, snaps and pictures. Just join the group!
  2. Also, my dear friend and co-blogger Carl Gee, a.k.a. NakedCarl, is doing his usual thing and is live-blogging from the festival, see his pictures on his blog NakedCarl - Second Life Photographer.
  3. There is also the Second Pride website, under 2017 Pictures. 
I am not listing Facebook, because all of those enjoy that website.

Should you know of any more places where one can see pictures from the ongoing festival, please give me the link in the comments and I will add them to the list.

Second Pride Festival, Tuesday June 27

Poster by Kahvy Smith